Degree of affinity: 0%

Kinesthetic Profile

Kinesthetic people respond to physical rewards and touch. They memorize while doing a thing or walking. They are attracted by a program that gives them a good sensation or feeling. They only learn if their course is interesting according to their interests. Very often, they move and speak very slowly.

There must be a feeling in anything they do. They are the people who procrastinate the most. They are atmosphere sponges so they are always found in positive situations and with positive people.

Auditory: 0%

Auditory people move their eyes laterally. Typically, they speak inwardly and are easily disturbed by noises (some even move their lips when they talk to themselves). They can easily repeat things back to you, they learn by listening. Usually, they like music and phone discussions.

Auditory people like being told about their performance and respond to a certain tone of voice and certain words. These individuals adjust to everyone and show great consideration for others. They have difficulty expressing themselves.

Visual: 0%

Visual people memorize seeing pictures and are less distracted by noises. They often have difficulty remembering verbal instructions that annoy them because their minds tend to stray. Their interests lie in the "what does it look like?". Visuals are people who learn very fast. It's never even fast enough.

Appearances are important for these people. They are often thin and slender individuals. To help you recognize them: they gesticulate a lot, are always well dressed, groomed, neat and tend to be organized and orderly. They are not at all spiteful.

Digital: 0%
These people spend a good deal of their time talking to each other. Digital people can exhibit features of other major systems of representation. They are not very expressive people; they give the impression of living in their head and functioning like a computer. They love statistics and everything that is logical, rational and reasonable. They memorize by step, sequence procedure and logic. They learn very quickly.